Salisbury & District Licensed Houses Cribbage League
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This is the web site for the Salisbury & District Licensed Houses Cribbage League, which is open to teams from Public Houses in the Salisbury Licensing Authority area.

On this site, you'll find details on:

Welcome to the 2017-18 season

The following documents have been be delivered to the pubs

All teams must look at the fixture list very carefully. Do not assume that the fixtures alternate home/away every week. Some teams may have consecutive home or away games.

Please ensure that all team members are aware of the rules. You are deemed to have read, understood and accepted the rules when the first result card is signed.

The Team Knockout Cup 1st round is a 2-leg with fixture reversed for second leg.

If you have to postpone a game you must inform the Match Secretary or a committee member and contact the team you are playing to re-arrange the game as soon as possible. This is why the contact lists are issued.

Please post results cards as soon as possible after the game to enable the match secretary to update the league tables and the treasurer to publish the tables on the web page.

It was proposed at the AGM, held on 11 July at the Royal George that a copy of the Minutes was to be sent to all teams. Two changes to the individual competitions were agreed and are as follows;

  1. 6 players are now eligible to play in the singles and 4 pairs in the doubles.
  2. Entry fees to all individual competitions are raised to £1.50 per player.

200 Club Draw Results

Draw Date/Time Venue Prize Share Owner Prize
20 Sept 2017 20:30 Royal George 1st 25 Black Horse, Hurdcott A £23
2nd 32 M Wheatley £15
3rd 62 Huntsman Tavern £8
18 Oct 2017 20:30 Royal George 1st 74 Parish Lantern A £25
2nd 16 J Arnott £17
3rd 26 Black Horse, Hurdcott A £8
08 Nov 2017 20:30 Royal George 1st 91 Lord Nelson C £25
2nd 81 J Cullen £17
3rd 18 Kings Head, Redlynch A £8
06 Dec 2017 20:30 Royal George 1st 77 Parish Lantern A £25
2nd 71 G Arnold £17
3rd 91 Lord Nelson C £8
10 Jan 2018 20:30 Royal George 1st 97 Parish Lantern B £25
2nd 22 W Bowen £17
3rd 17 P Arnott £8
28 Feb 2018 20:30 Royal George 1st 40 Royal George A £25
2nd 36 Five Bells £17
3rd 77 Parish Lantern A £8
28 Mar 2018 20:30 Royal George 1st 13 Earl of Normanton £25
2nd 42 R Neal £17
3rd 96 Parish Lantern B £8
15 Apr 2018 20:30 Royal George 1st 106 Village Freehouse B £25
2nd 19 Kings Head A £17
3rd 16 J Arnott £8
30 May 2018 20:30 Royal George 1st 22 W Bowen £25
2nd 24 Black Horse, Hurcott A £17
3rd 107 J Hurst £8
20 Jun 2018 20:30 Royal George 1st 101 S & M Hiller £25
2nd 2 Village Freehouse B £17
3rd 87 Lord Nelson C £8
09 Jul 2018 20:30 Earl of Normanton 1st 12 Royal George B £25
2nd 86 Lord Nelson C £17
3rd 69 Duck Inn £8
10 Aug 2018 21:00 Castle Street Social Club 1st 11 Royal George B £25
2nd 99 Plough Inn £17
3rd 94 Royal George B £8
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IMPORTANT NOTE: This website is provided as a courtesy to supplement the information delivered to the pubs. If the information on this website differs from that sent to the pubs it should be assumed that the information sent to the pubs is the correct version.

Where possible updates are posted on Sundays. They may not be posted if Ray is on holiday, or if I am visiting relations, or I am ill.

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