This is the web site for the Salisbury & District Crib League, which is open to teams from Public Houses in the Salisbury Licensing Authority area.

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2023 AGM

The AGM was held at the Royal George on Monday 27th July.

The previous AGM minutes and correspondence were read and agreed.

There were no new nominees for the committee, the present committee members were asked if they were prepared to stand again; they all agreed and were re-elected en masse.

Rose Gaulton recruited to the committee.

2023-24 Season

This year we are running the league with 11 teams, which means there is only going to be one division.

The fixtures page has been updated for the new fixtures.

Individual Knockouts

Individual Knockout tournaments will restart this year.

Challenge Cup 2023

Played between the Winners of the League and the Winners of the Knockout Cup

Tug Wilson Memorial 2023

Played by the Runners Up of the League and the Runners Up of the Knockout Cup

Walter Scott Cup 2024

There will be no entry fee for the Walter Scott Cup this year.

All teams will be automatically entered, however if you do not wish for you team to be entered, please let a committee member know so we can not put you in the draw.

Dates for the competition are as follows:

15-Apr-24 Walter Scott Cup 1st Round 1st Leg
22-Apr-24 Walter Scott Cup 1st Round 2nd Leg
20-May-24 Walter Scott Cup Elimination Round
24-Jun-24 Walter Scott Cup Final


We have completed the move to Lloyds Bank (from the Nationwide).

From now on cheques should be made out to "Salisbury & District Crib League".

We are also able to accept bank transfers for payments - contact the treasurer for the account details.

This also means we are able to pay 200 Club winnings by bank transfers if this is preferred - again contact the treasurer.

200 Club

200 club to continue as normal. Thanks to all who have renewed (51 shares sold).

200 Club Draw Results 2023-24

Prize 1st 2nd 3rd Total
Amount £15 £10 £5 £30
Draw Date/Time Venue 1st Prize Winner 2nd Prize Winner 3rd Prize Winner
Share Owner Share Owner Share Owner
27-Sep-2023 19:45 Royal George 34 Earl of Normanton B 11 Royal George B 7 A Parslow
18-Oct-2023 19:45 Treasurer's Abode 49 New Inn, Amesbury 7 A Parslow 30 T Williams
15-Nov-2023 19:45 Royal George 102 S & M Hiller 75 Parish Lantern A 50 New Inn, Amesbury
13-Dec-2023 19:45 Treasurer's Abode 60 Parish Lantern B 13 Earl of Normanton A 48 New Inn, Amesbury
17-Jan-2024 19:45 Royal George 76 Parish Lantern A 14 Earl of Normanton A 10 Royal George B
28-Feb-2024 19:45 Royal George 54 Bear Inn, Wilton 77 Parish Lantern A 15 Earl of Normanton A
20-Mar-2024 19:45 Royal George 26 Earl of Normanton B 16 Royal George B 77 Parish Lantern A
10-Apr-2024 19:45 Royal George 4 A Parslow 7 A Parslow 76 Parish Lantern A
15-May-2024 19:45 Royal George 54 Bear Inn, Wilton 4 A Parslow 26 Earl of Normanton B
17-Jun-2024 19:45 New Inn, Amesbury            
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